Rainy Days/Chick flicks/Non-gmo cookies

So funny because it was a random thursday night that Daniel and I said hey lets act like its a friday night for old people (I say old because c'mon we're 25 and we like staying at home a lot of the times ha) and watch a movie and get dessert, (which is something we do at least twice a week but we always get so excited about it as though it something new for us). 

So I went to Whole foods and said I wanna get something yummy, healthy, non gmo, and organic. To my surprise I found these really yummy cookies (which at the moment, I just went to the trash can to read what its called but Daniel took out the trash this morning so I have no idea what their called). Next time though I will have that name :) Anyways got these yummy cookies and came home, browsed through Netflix, which to my surprise, we can never find anything with all the options it gives us. Odd :) Daniel suggested we watch "You've got mail" I said, "Nah I don't wanna watch a movie with Meg Ryan, then said, Ohhh how 'bout we watch "Sleepless in Seattle". Ha

See my bad habit during movies is I ask a lot of questions, which Daniel hates and to top it all off I ask questions that probably only the writer would know. I asked him during a scene when Tom Hanks moves to Seattle, I said, "Wait, so is that their house or is it a rental house?" Of course Daniel laughs and says, "Really, how am I ever supposed to know if their house they are living in is a rental or if they bought it." I'm such a goof.

We finished the movie then I said I wanna watch "You've got mail". Two movies with the same actors, and a similar blot was how we enjoyed our thursday night in the rain. I enjoy moments like this to be able to share with my husband. We enjoy the simplest things together as long as we both laugh at each other and have fun. We could be doing pretty much anything :)