Happy 3 year anniversary to us

I am a very happy girl right now. Why you ask? I just had the most amazing time with the most amazing man ever. We just celebrated our 3rd year of marriage, and boy let me tell you, he is one romantic man.

So on our anniversary Daniel took off work, but I didn't know this until he showed up, while I was still looking a hot mess in my pjs. He came in with this...

You see I don't know about you but I had told him, I don't want balloons or flowers. What am I going to do with that? I told him I want a house plant and I love chocolate covered strawberries :)

Next, we went to brunch at this beautiful restaurant in the "High Hand Nursery". We had yummy organic sandwiches.

Later that night, he took me to a nice restaurant called Ten 22. I loved the experience, but the food was aight. We both agreed. I am so cheap that I was gonna get "The chief's special", but once I found out it was gonna be $34 bucks (gasp) my mouth dropped and I said, "How much for your pizza?" It was $14, so I got that. Daniel was still begging me to get the special but I kept telling him no way boo boo.

Side note: What can you do when you ask the waiter to take a picture of us and Daniel's a blurry head plus the quality isn't good?? Ahh just don't mind that this time :)

Daniel had more up his sleeve, he then took me home and had the patio all decorated with candles. A record was playing Stan Getz and had desert for us. At this time he then gave me 4 cards, each looking back on our years of marriage and our best moments, which mostly included a lot of me being crazy (which I guess were some of his favorite moments), and the 4th card explained how he wanted to be a better husband to me, but more importantly a better servant of our Lord. I was strong until the last card and I just cried like a baby. Ahhh

He then ended the day with an hour massage. He knows I always want him to give me a massage cause he's so good :) He had spa music playing (setting the mood like a day spa), but it was on pandora so we would laugh every time the commercials would come on. Man oh man what a great anniversary that was. I only wanted to share what Daniel did for me, I did get him an anniversary gift (c'mon, I'm not like that hah), but I just thought this was such a special day that I had to share it, and let everyone know how blessed I am to have such a hardworking and faithful man. Guys need to take notes from him :)