4 Year anniversary

Northern California Film Wedding Photographer| Our Family | Roseville, Ca

I never got to share out family pictures!!! I had the idea to take our own pictures this year and kind of experiment and see what happens. I set up my tripod and ran back and forth to capture us all in the frame. This was all done of film so I was super anxious and nervous waiting to hear back from my lab for about a week to 2 weeks. 

We were loosing light and I was getting frustrated with our dogs. I could only do so much with poses having to run back and forth so this was the best I could do hah. One image landed on our very first Christmas card this year (I am too lazy to get them done and send them out hah) My hair was frizzing, my dogs were running after me, I wasn't sure if the camera went off, it was a mess haha but I wanna share with everyone and tell me what you think?